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A Swirl of Magic

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Weiner`s Chocolate cake is made of carefully selected ingredients to ensure the most luxurious taste while never compromising its quality. That is why you can now experience this magical delight with maple sugar, instead of regular, as a healthier option!

Do you want to surprise your customers with a unique chocolate cake? The Swirl of Magic is perfectly sized for restaurants, bars and coffee shops, spreading the magic one slice at a time! Serving between 6 to 8 guests, this eighty percent pure chocolate crème cake will be sure to impress, whether it’s your customers or a small group of loved ones.

Because everything has to be perfect for this cake to steal your heart, it can take between two to three days to be made after your order confirmation. For the most authentic taste, I can only accommodate a limited amount of orders, so be sure to place your order well in advance!